The Different Westfield Football Clubs in England


Association football or simply football – it doesn’t matter what name you prefer to call this sport, it I considered by many as the number one sport in the whole world in terms of players and viewership. Because it became so popular in England, hundreds of football clubs were formed and anything about football news would always become a major news topic in the sports channels in the UK. There are actually three football clubs that are named Westfield: the Westfield Football Club in Surrey, the Westfield Football Club in Sussex and the Westfields Football Club (also known as Westfields F. C.). These clubs should not be confused by each other because their differences are evident not only in their football training but also with regard to their history, their insignia and much much more.Westfield_F.C._logo

The Westfield Football Club in Surrey is an amateur football club and they are based in the Westfield area of Woking, England, thus, the name. They have an affiliation with the Surrey County Football Association and they are also proud and active members in the Premier Division of the Combined Counties Football League. Their supporters have come to know them as The Field or The Yellas (Yellows). Their home colors are yellow shirt and black shorts and socks.

The club is based in Westfield in Hastings, England. They were founded in the year 1927, way before World War I erupted. They used to be a member of the third division of the Sussex County Football League but as of last year, they are now a member of the second division of the same league. Their supporters and fans know them as the Parishoners. When they play at home games, their players wear yellow shirts and socks paired with green shorts and during their away games, their players wear an all blue ensemble. The club play their home games at the Parish Field located in the Main Road in Westfield, East Sussex. The club’s chairman is Graham Drinkwater and their manager is Duncan Jones.

The Westfields F. C. was founded in the year 1966 and is currently based in Herefore, England. The club plays in the Premier Division of the Midland League and is currently in affiliation with the Herefordshire County Football Association. Their fans and supporters know them as the Fields. They play their home games at an area called Allpay park (named such because of the club’s sponsorship with Herfored based company, located in Widemarsh Common in Hereford. This ground has a capacity of two thousand people. Their original ground, though, was at King George V but they moved to Thorn Lighting’s Rotherwas in the year 1975. The club’s present manager is John Morgan while their manager is Sean Edwards. The chief executive is Andy Morris, who is also one of the founders of the club. In their home games, they wear a maroon shirt with sky blue sleeves, sky blue shorts and paired with sky blue socks. In their away game, the players wear an all sky blue shirt, white shorts and pink socks.

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